gba pokemon emerald save game

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In "My Boy!.sav files are actually hidden in batch watermark creator 7.0.3 keygen the same folders as the roms themselves.
I will probably write some RNG tutorials in the future for 3rd gen games (especially for FR/LG, because there is really few information on this subject.
Thank you, edit : I realised that I provided the wrong Latios file in the save, so I fixed this issue in the newly attached save file.The Kanto starters are from starter RNGing in FR/LG and the legendaries are from standard static RNGing.Thank you again wejhvabewjty!As regards the save file itself, I have used minimal cheats for unlocking the islands and for obtaining items.I would just use astro to copy the.sav files into another folder, which removes whatever property makes them hidden.
Edit4: I have included in Box 14 the shiny flawless Timid Mew.
There are also pokemon in the save, which I found ready from other save files (they are leagally tested) and this includes the shiny wishmaker Jirachi (the bashful one).
Nigoli 's save I think, thank you as well).
Concluding, I should mention that some legendaries were RNGed in different save files, hence they have different OT data.
Edit3 : In Box 14 a shiny exceptional Manectric is added.
About credits : I would like to thank these guys that I might have used their saves to get something (even if I RNGed something myself the person that shared openly the shiny Wishmaker Jirachi, the creator of A-Save (KazoWAR) the creators of the lua.
Credits go to wejhvabewjty.Also, there are about 10 pokemon in BOX 14 that are not part of the shiny collection (and a bit of illegal but I left them because with them I got all gold symbols from Battle Frontier and I didn't feel like excluding them from.Unown and Ditto cannot make eggs, so I had to RNG them in the wild (The Unown procedure was really hard, it took me about 3 days to figure it out).Edit2 : In Box 14 a shiny flawess Gengar is added.The only way that I found to show these files was to use the Android app "astro File Manager." This app can go to the rom folders and see the hidden.sav files.Also, I added a shiny flawless Bagon and a shiny flawless Beldum, RNGed by me, as well as a non shiny Ageto Celebi, with flawless Atk and.Then you can do whatever you want to the files and put them back into the folders they came from.Giga obtained through RNG (Thank you!).