installshield visual studio 2013 express

InstallShield supports customizing the appearance of ninja strike 2 game a desktop apps tile on the Start screen.
IOJ-1758249 Project This information applies to the following alicia keys fallin midi project types: Basic MSI InstallScript InstallScript MSI InstallScript Object Merge Module Entries with multiple lines of input in the String Editor are now retained properly after switching the project file format from binary to XML and reloading.
IOJ-1756439, linksys wrt120n firmware update IOJ-1744882 Project This information applies to the following project types: Basic MSI Merge Module MSI Database MSM Database Transform Exporting dialogs (such as the MaintenanceWelcome dialog) and components now succeeds in cases where long identifiers previously caused it to fail.
For Suites, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are the minimum versions of Windows that are required for target systems.Note The Web prerequisite for the.NET Framework requires an Internet connection.Windows 8 introduced a grid of application tiles to the Start screen, replacing the usual list of shortcuts, and also presented tiles in place of shortcuts.The Operational Risk section provides a composite risk rating based on the combination of packages with Intellectual Property (IP) issues and packages with Security Vulnerabilities.Target systems must meet the following minimum operating system requirement: Windows XP SP3 Windows Server 2003 SP2 Windows Vista Windows Server 2008 Windows 7 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows 8 Windows Server 2012 Windows.1 Windows Server 2012 R2 Windows 10 Windows Server 2016 Target.
All other use is prohibited).
In addition, InstallShield includes SQL Server 2016 in the predefined list of database servers that you can select when you are specifying in the SQL Scripts view the target database servers that your product supports.
Previously, for the situations outlined in the bulleted list above, InstallShield logged values of such properties in clear text in the log.
Xml can be used successfully for patch builds.IOJ-1754769, IOJ-1754678 Project This information applies to the following project types: Basic MSI InstallScript MSI InstallShield prohibits the value of properties contained in MsiHiddenProperties from being written to the log, including situations where the: Properties are used as arguments for.NET installer class.IOJ-1742125 InstallShield successfully builds in Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server or MSBuild when there are parentheses included in the solution name referred to by VSSolutionFolder.Not KnownYesNo, register your email account for free community support?InstallShield includes the following new InstallShield prerequisites: Microsoft.NET Framework.6.1 Full Microsoft.NET Framework.6.1 Web Microsoft ReportViewer 2015 Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express System CLR Types (x86) Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express RTM (x64) Microsoft SQL Server 2016 Express RTM LocalDB (x64) Microsoft Visual.The MSI Debugger runs successfully for Basic MSI projects on 64-bit versions of Windows 7 machines.IOJ-1742920 Project This information applies to the following project types: Advanced UI Suite/Advanced UI Suite projects now allow you to suppress build warnings when you disable them in Settings.A white background is now used and all features shown display in the same color.For more information about the bit values used in calculating the Attributes column of the Component table, refer to the Component Table page in the msdn Library.IOJ-1756569 Project This information applies to the following project types: Advanced UI Suite/Advanced UI Suite Object Expression for the format now results in the localized description of MyFeature.Previously, in InstallShield 2016, unexpected results occurred when using the Visible setting.Previously, an error caused scheduled task to not be created and the install was rolled back.In addition, the sqlbrowse run-time dialog that is displayed when end users choose to browse for a database catalog can now list catalogs on the specified SQL Server 2016 database server.Installations created by Advanced UI and Suite/Advanced UI projects can now run EXE actions that launch a program in a setupsupportdir directory.