kali linux 2.0 system requirements

Installing Kali Linux on your computer is pretty simple and very easy process, all you need is a compatible computer hardware.
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Kali Linux.1.0 Installation, kali Linux is totally free of cost, and mostly used for penetrating testing in any small to large scale organizations to protect their network from attackers.It protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays all around the world.In making Kali look pretty, it also brought about a lot of new problems that came with the nice GUI.You might need to enter proxy information.After youve booted into your new shiny Kali Linux OS, there are a few things to do to make it all that.Its the first hard drive in the list.Most of those types of software make a folder per OS to keep them separated.It defeats the purpose of all this crap Im writing.
Is security a worry?
Set root Password for Kali Linux).
Download Lazy Kali from: Lazy-Kali-Script Here are some things it adds to Kali: AngryIP, Scanner, Terminator, Xchat, Unicornscan, Nautilus, Open Terminal, Simple-Ducky, Subterfuge, Ghost-Phisher, Yamas, PwnStar.Put in your USB stick that has 2GB or more free space, Ignore the warning about formatting if it shows.Grub Screen and wallpapers were changed in Kali.1.0.Theyre great for having multiple different OSs on one USB stick and you can have both Windows and Linux booting side by side like cats and dogs living together.The best way is to have only the USB stick that youre using be the only one connected.