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I acquired a satisfactory level and would recommend this book for French speakers.
Neil wrote:I am looking to spend some quality time with a decent audio CD for learning Finnish.Eila ja Ossi (Eila and Ossi) by Mika LamminpƤ (Gummerus a textbook and accompanying CD made with immigrants in mind.I think it will be time well spent.1 to 10 Numbers.2, Eating items, Emergencies, Family, Food smscaster e-marketer gsm enterprise v3.7 (with licence key) and drink.Leonardon suuri unelma leonardos Dream ) by Hans de Beer (Lasten keskus).Champion of the Finnish language, the title Suomen mestari suggests that youre on your way to becoming a master, or champion, of the Finnish oto: thisisfinland.Start learning right away, this path is not maintained during the winter but maybe you knew that even if you couldnt read the oto: flickr/Tomi rare earth magnets lowes Tapio, cc.0.Useful words, Countries, Communication problems, Conversation.This book let me study Finnish while living in France.
Both books are clear, down-to-earth, practical and written solely in Finnish.
After studying Finnish on my own, I enjoyed going to class and deepening my skills.
General phrases /, Food and drink.
Finnish Audio Lessons, audio lessons in Finnish have a very important role in language learning, therefore you need to listen to them several times until you master them.
For me this book was very good.
1 to 20 Vegetables Test whether you know the difference between a persikka, sitruuna, lehtisalaatti and porkkana, can count from yksi to kymmenen and know musta from valkoinen.
Resources Useful information on the Finnish language - including pronunciation and verbs.2, The house, Useful words to recognize, Words to do with food.I have a little boy.The weather, Describing things.I considered dropping it completely several times, but since I really wanted to come to Finland, my motivation level was very high and I continued.Once you're done with the Suomi audio lessons, you might want to check the rest of our Finnish lessons here: Learn Finnish.