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Th is Vou ld be a good mon1ent to explain about action/ non-action verbs (sec Additional grammar notes belo, v).
I Funny things for a six-year-old English boy to like!
He cooks Valencian mussels with Thai green curry paste.
They often the younger ones come from a generation where their mothers don't cook either.Do you drink Coke or fizzy drinks?The British always say that everything is lovely, even if they've only eaten half.3 Customers who want him to cook something in a way that he doesn't think is very good, for example a welldone steak.Monitor vhile Sts are debating and encourage them to use.D Focus on the ljucstion prornprs.!:licit that those under On a typical day arc habitual actions.Is the diet in your country getting better or worse?2 The British always say that everything is lovely.Play again if necessary.E Put Sts in pairs and ger them to tell each other their ansvers to the four questions.Focus neverwinter nights key generator on the Useful language: Giving your opinion (1) box and play the audio once the Vhole vay through for Sts to listen to all the phrases.
Remind Sts of the difference i 1 pronunciation of the third person -s,.e.
Oxford - New English File - Intermediate Intermediate plus.
Focus on the exan1ple sentences and play the audio for Sts to listen to the sentence rhyth1n.
Extended MultiROM with B2 exam practice.
WB Key and Entry Checker, pDF 9,51 Mb, test Keys.
B 1 141) Tell Sts that they are going to give their opinion about the various topics related to food in sentences 2-6.
For me that's a difficult customer.Put Sts in pairs and get the1n to do the san1e.You could pause after each question is ansvered to give Sts time to n1 a ke notes.S I think customers who want me to cook something in a way that I don't think is very good.Th is viii be revised fully together with the other future forn1s in.We recommend registering or logging.Rranslatc /explain any ncv vords or phrases.Give Sts a rninute, in pairs, to circle the correct forrn in each sentence.PDF 1,1 Mb, workbook Audio, mP3 22 Mb, students Book CD1.Tags: Grammar, Workbook, corrected, reduced, activitiesaudio, added, Thanks, activitiesclass, notes, Audio, audio, PumuklNEW, Sunniva666, teachers, kubavvvv NEW, book by, activitiesfull, activitiesNEW, English, pronunciation, vocabulary, Upper, Teache, Assessm).People are eating more unhealthily.S Well, when I came to Spain, all the good restaurants were very formal.For instance, when I was six or seven my favourite things were snails, oh and prawns with garlic.