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Bed spacers can be used to fill the gap left by the lift.
Best to have made the decision of what you want to do with the bumpers before ordering and installing a body lift instead of afterwards.
Herbo Baterias, (AR) Hi-Watt Battery Industry Company, (Hong Kong) or / HW series HK Battery., please see Shenzhen Ritar Power.If so, you can leave the inner cross member where it is and just move the outer cosmetic bumper.Return to the top of this page Tacoma.5-'04) and 3rd Gen 4Runner 96-'02) bracket : The Tacoma pickups and 3rd gen 4Runners have bumper brackets on the side of the frame, similar to the earlier trucks.We have all read and tried to follow those assembly instructions where you have to put bolt 41 into hole A of bracket Q and install washer T and nut Q using tool.Also, you'll want to lift from close to the balance point of the body/bed.Ltd., (China) or t/ Hyundai Enercell Co, Ltd, Solite, (South Korea) please see Sungwoo Automotive or m/ back to Index I IBT Technologies SLA Deep Cycle, (China), (US) or m/ IBT Power SLA Deep Cycle, (UK) or m/ Illinois Battery Mfg.So in this example, 3/4" 1/4" equals the 1" height of the OEM bushing.It may or may not be apparent from a simple test of shifting into all gear combinations.
The extension is designed such that the large holes fit over the big studs sticking out of the rag joint, once the upper part of the shaft is disconnected.
However, if you have a newer vehicle and/or newer radio with security codes, you may not want to do this unless you can get your radio security features reset, or better yet, invest in a memory saver backup battery that plugs into the cigarette lighter.
Contracts with manufacturers might change.
If they are worn out, damaged, or even missing, now is the perfect time to replace them.
(if anyone has some photos of a relocated front bumper, we would love to have a copy to post here for others to see - we forgot to take a picture of that when we installed out first 4th gen 4Runner kit).
If so, you'll need to install an extension on the rag joint at the base of the shaft to lengthen the shaft if it will be pulled too far out of the upper clamp.
Note that some models may have existing holes located approx.The bushings themselves are typically composed of an upper and lower half bushing, a metal sleeve that fits inside and a top and bottom washer.Bolder, (China) or m/ Shark Battery., (China) or m/ Shelhiru Enterprises, (Srilanka) Shenzhen Center Power Tech.If relocation is desired, it is possible to reconfigure the bushings and mounting to lower the radiator.You can use the existing pilot hole in the spacer to locate the hole.You can snug up the nuts a bit, but don't make torque them yet.Although mine seemed to be OK at 3 before I raised the gas tank which is another option.KG, (Germany) contact hack the system apocalypse local store, or / Bonus A7 Starterbatterie Maxpower Technologies Co, (China) or m/ MCA Battery Manufacture.Every day or two, give the exposed threads a shot of penetrating oil and give it time to work.