the hour series 2 episode 5

for war.
It's not long before she tries to run away, but Marnie's been waiting for this moment and drops the fabulous bombshell: "At least you're not his secretary.".
Meanwhile, almost every single male character is off on an adventure with their bantering brothers-in-arms.
Anyway, things really start to heat up when Marnie decides to make a visit.Much has been made of the feminist credentials of the showrunners David Benioff and eiss, and their decision to put women at the forefront this season. BBC, advertisement - Continue Reading Below, while the boys are hitting the streets, Bel's left to hold down the fort at the studio.Freddie might think it's "jolly but Hector's not as convinced - he's got a bit of a grumpy face on him, especially when Bel grins that Freddie's "brilliant" and strokes his cold nose.Arya and Sansa have each endured countless horrors and hardships since they were separated in season one, and have emerged with two very different skill sets.Later that night, Freddie's a bit disconcerted to find Lady Elms in his little home, chatting to his dad.
They bombard her with suggestions for the show, before Isaac proposes running a satirical sketch to get round a lot of their problems.
Bel's forced to invite her in for a cup of coffee and some awkward chat.
In this week's episode, Lena discusses stigma of abortion, Bari Finkel records herself getting an IUD, Liz Watson and her mom discuss their respective abortions, Rita Munn talks about having 10 children, Jessica Grose speaks about stigmas around breastfeeding.
The treatment of female friendship in Game of Thrones mirrors a wider problem in television and popular culture.
The Hour, and to avoid that annoying two-week parliament-reporting ban.You will receive an email shortly confirming your subscription.As if that wasn't bad enough, Bel is then called into Clarence's office, where he yells that she's stupid and should not be throwing away her career for a man.Lady Elms says not everyone is as brave as him (she might as well have added "or stupid.Theyd be an unstoppable force which, presumably, following the logic of divide and conquer, is exactly why Littlefinger is so keen to pit them against one another in the first place.To be sure, this is an improvement on previous seasons treatment of women weve come a long way from the sexposition of early series, when men in armour would give lengthy monologues about the political machinations of the Seven Kingdoms against a background of topless.