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From Matter as discrete Particles generating continuous Spherical Fields in Space-Time to Matter as Spherical Standing Waves kamen rider wizard episode 1 english sub in Space (see diagram below).
One more position is when the man sits on the chair while the woman sits on one of his thighs and guides his penis inside her.
In Vatsyayanas day, love-making was a natural science to be studied diligently and how you got there was as important as your destination.
Vatsyayana has given woman so much supremacy that she usurps the man's traditional leading role in love making and brings him under her control.When she places her thighs with her legs doubled on them upon her sides, and thus engages in congress, it is called the 'position of Indrani' and this is learnt only by practice.When, while engaged in congress, she turns round like a wheel, it is called the 'top'.When a man enjoys many women altogether, it is called the 'congress office mac home use program of a herd of cows'.If you don't see what you are looking for here at this Kamasutra page.To find fulfillment in love?
When a woman stands on her hands and feet like a quadruped, and her lover mounts her like a bull, it is called the 'congress of a cow'.
And in all these cases the characteristics of these different animals should be manifested by acting like them.
The main ingredient of Kama is the contact between the sense organ and its object.The various modes of enjoyment are not for all times or for all persons, but they should only be used at the proper time.The Kaurma Position, vatsyayana describes this position as follows: "If, seated face to face, your toes caress the lovely woman's nipples, her feet press your chest and you make love holding each other's hands.For this reason one who is well acquainted with the science of love (Kamasutra and knowing his own strength, as also the tenderness, impetuosity, and strength of the young women, should act accordingly.The man uses his toes to caress the woman's breast while the partners hold their hands firmly giving the much required rhythm and control in the penetration.Site MAP: Metaphysics - Physics - Philosophy - Theology - Evolution Contact Email - About Us Site Statistics - Legal Disclaimer Privacy Policy Select (Simplified)Chinese Facebook Connect Share Erotic Postcards RSS.The position is also useful in the case of the 'highest congress'.When one of two lovers presses forcibly one or both of the thighs of the other between his or her own, it is called the 'embrace of thighs'.