vray tutorials for 3ds max 2011

Change our materials color game digimon rumble arena 2 psp to Red, Yellow and Blue.
In Color Mapping change the type to Exponential, check the box for Sub pixel mapping and Camp out.
Click on Angle Snap Toggle(activating this you will be able to rotate from 5 to 5 degrees only) and rotate it 45 degrees and then move it in the corner.We will now see the exact 3D Rendering Region of our scense.Check the box for Invisible.Remember, the reflection position, like in real life, depends on the position of the lights cameran.Our 3D Render look's good so far.Step 13 : We must create some reflective materials for our 3d Rendering scene so change the next 3 materials in Material editor with VrayMtl.Step 14 : Apply each material to a different Teapot using Assign Material to Selection button.To start i have used vray plane lights, vray sun sky, photometric ies lights and vray camera, I used 3 plane lights for each window, all the lights have the same settings, you can see the settings in the right panel, this is how.Step 8 : Our 3d Rendering scene needs a Camera. .Step 15 : In the next image you can see my test 3D Rendering setting for VRay.
In Left view click and drag to create our light.
Set the Length and Width of the box to 500cm and the Height of 10cm.
Check the box for Fresnel Reflections and click on the L box next to it that will allow us to change the Fresnel IOR.5 and the Max depth.
Step 9 : Press "C" on your keyboard to go to Camera view and use the tools in the bottom right corner to change the position of the camera like you see below.
Step 10 : Right click on Camera in the top left corner and click on Show Safe Frame to activated.
Change the Reflection color RGB to 150,150,150.Set the Half-length and width to 140, change the Multiplier to 7, leave the color to white(if you want you can try a bright yellow or blue) and check the box for Invisible.Step 6 : Create another box like we did novabackup professional 14.5 keygen in step 3 only this time change the Length to 400cm, the Width to 5cm and the Height to 150cm.In Top view click where the camera position will be, move and release where the focus/target point will.Step 5 : Using Select and Move Tool and Select and Rotate Tool position your light like i've did below.Change the Multiplier for this.5, the Half-length to 50cm and Half-width to 100cm.From Irradiance Map change Current preset to High, Interp.First Open or Reset Max.Hi everyone, this is my first 3D rendering lesson.For Iradiance Map change the Current Preset to Medium, check the box for Show calc.Phase(check this in Light cache settings also) and Show direct light.Now from Material Editor click on Assign Material to Selection.